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Putin: Turkish protection is illegally transporting oil Erdogan: if it is true, I will resign

[global report Han Mei] the Russian Turkish fighter crisis has not been completely eliminated. The leaders of the two countries are unwilling to soften their attitude first, and the diplomatic unhappiness continues. On the day when the Russian fighter plane was shot down, Russian President Vladimir Putin said angrily that Russia had been stabbed in the back, and accused Turkey of providing oil transportation facilities for the Islamic state (is). But Turkey has always denied this

according to "Russia today" (RT) TV station on November 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has received additional intelligence to confirm that Turkey is providing oil for is transportation. In response, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that if the news is true, he will resign immediately

it is reported that on the margins of the Paris Climate Conference on Monday, Putin pointed out that Russia has reason to suspect that Turkey shot down SU-24 to protect the illegal oil trade from Syria to Turkey. In response, Erdogan, who also attended the climate conference in Paris, responded that if the evidence of Turkey's cooperation with is is true, he would resign as president. "If there is any evidence, please show it." Erdogan said that the countries from which Turkey buys oil are "well known"

when asked whether Putin is willing to establish a broad-based anti-terrorism alliance, Putin said that Russia has always supported such proposals, "but this can not be achieved by some countries using some terrorist organizations to achieve their immediate goals"

the construction area is 110000 square meters. On November 24, Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter. When the samples were disc springs and leaf springs, Turkey said that the Russian side had violated its airspace, so it shot them down. However, the Russian side listed radar images and the testimony of the rescued pilots, saying that the Russian fighters had not entered Turkish airspace, and had not received a warning from Turkey. Later, Russia introduced a series of measures to counterattack Turkey. Although Turkey has repeatedly said that it wants to meet with Putin during the Paris climate conference, in view of Turkey's attitude of not apologizing, Russia 2 According to the experimental temperature, it can be divided into high temperature, normal temperature and low temperature experimental machines; Said there were no plans for the meeting

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