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PVC enterprise accident detonates industry futures

with the domestic environmental protection and safety inspection entering the peak period, the exposure of safety production accidents of various enterprises has increased and the severity of the accidents has increased. In the first half of this year, many PVC enterprises had accidents. The Safety Supervision Bureau issued notification and handling opinions, which has also increased the impact on the production and operation of industrial enterprises over the same period

in the early stage, sorting out PVC enterprise accidents, ensuring safety is ensuring revenue It is mentioned in the manuscript that since this year, three safety production accidents of Qinghai Salt Lake Co., Ltd., two safety production accidents of Yihua, Xinjiang, and the electric stone warehouse accident of Lutai, Shandong have directly affected the PVC production capacity of the protective cover through the guide wheel to exceed 1.39 million tons, affected the production cycle of the enterprise to be more than 2 months, and reduced the monthly market supply by million tons

Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd. affiliated to Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hubei Yihua group) was notified by the State Administration of work safety. The notification pointed out that this was the fourth fatal accident in Xinjiang Yihua this year. At present, it was during the national safety production inspection, and there were continuous accidents in Xinjiang Yihua, with significant impact and bad nature; On February 12 this year, the company was ordered by the local people's government to stop production for rectification due to the spraying accident of carbide furnace incubated by Haier Group for Haier New Materials (causing 2 deaths and 3 serious injuries); On June 22, a contractor fell from height during the shutdown period, resulting in one death

in the treatment results, the safety production license of Xinjiang Yihua was revoked according to law. It can be basically predicted that the annual production capacity of PVC with an annual output of 300000 tons in Xinjiang Yihua this year will not exceed 2 months. All inspection indicators of PVC production in Xinjiang Yihua must meet the standard loss or above 200000 tons

the circular also mentioned two handling opinions, one of which is to strictly control the approval of construction projects of Hubei Yihua group and its affiliated enterprises, and instruct local safety supervision computer constant stress pressure testing machines to adopt the import proportional valve supervision department to request the people's government at the same level to suspend the approval of new construction, expansion, reorganization and merger of high-risk projects, devices and enterprises of Hubei Yihua group and its affiliated enterprises within three years according to law. Second, immediately organize a comprehensive law enforcement inspection on the enterprises affiliated to Hubei Yihua group

Hubei Yihua group is mainly engaged in the production and sales of chemical fertilizers and chemical products. This disposal notification may have a slight impact on its industrial layout within three years. In the short term, the impact is mainly concentrated on the safety law enforcement inspection of the chemical fertilizer and chemical industry, and the actual output of relevant products may be affected

finally, in the second half of the year, the supply of PVC products will still be in a weak tension. At the end of the year, it is recommended to pay attention to the prevention of smog in various regions and notify the cement, alumina and other industries of production stoppage and production restriction

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