The world's first diamond screen mobile phone

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Screen harder than glass: the world's first diamond screen will be available as early as next year.

the leading smart window with diamond display accounts for 80% of the wall. It is expected to be released in 2019. Akhan semiconductor, a diamond semiconductor company, is developing this new technology. It is said that the smart display using this new technology is six times the toughness and ten times the hardness of the products on the market

this technology is called mirage diamond glass, which uses laboratory grown "nanocrystalline" pattern diamonds to reduce the possibility of cracks in the display. This diamond glass can also be used in combination with the existing gorilla glass screen coating, and a series of new uses may be found to further protect the underlying panel

according to CNET, akhan's partners are testing the technology to ensure that the display can interact normally. They are also trying to reduce the reflectivity of the material so that it can be seen in strong light

akhan company will only cooperate with a manufacturer whose infrared technology in the second level of intelligence is the supplement and verification of DSC analysis method at the beginning, partly because of manufacturing restrictions, and also because it will bring certain "privileges" to a single OEM. It is reported that the manufacturer is a small OEM manufacturer, not a large manufacturer such as Samsung, apple, Huawei or Xiaomi

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