Feng Shui notes on fine decoration of houses

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In fact, according to Feng Shui, there are many taboos in home decoration. Many ordinary small details may not be noticed by all of us, but some taboos in home decoration will interfere with your normal home life. If you want to help the house with fine decoration and spend a lot of energy and money, then you have to consider the Feng Shui problem. Don't lose your wife and lose your soldiers

one: don't accept gas

don't accept gas is the most taboo point of houses, whether bungalows or duplex. Especially the latter, which is divided into two layers, is easy to lead to chaos between layers. In this way, the prosperous gas and wealth in and out of the room will slip away invisibly, and a good and stable gas field cannot be formed. On the contrary, if the bad air flow enters the house but cannot get out, the basic element of gathering wealth and receiving gas will be lost. Therefore, the design of duplex buildings should not be too complex

second: stairs should not go through the hall

stairs are a major taboo in Feng Shui, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal problems, and women will also be troubled by gynecological diseases. The pattern of duplex houses is easier to appear. The stairs are connected with the floors. If the stairs are in the living room or nearby, it will form a bad spirit. So be sure to avoid it

III: do not make a bed on the windowsill

some families will connect the floating window with the bed to make full use of the space. This space-saving and fashionable design is widely favored. But from the perspective of Feng Shui, this pattern is not good. The windowsill is originally an access to the outside world. Sleeping against it will not only affect the quality of sleep, but also have a light shock in thunderstorm weather

four: avoid installing air conditioners in the porch

no matter whether the space in the porch is large or small, it is not suitable to install air conditioners or fans. Because the porch is the first area after entering the door, the airflow outside the door enters the house through here. If air conditioners or fans are installed, the wealth will be blown away, which is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth at home, but will cause a pattern of wealth draining

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