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On June 5, pinchao whole house customized furniture signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Italy's top hardware supplier Salice. The two sides hope to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership in the research and development of whole house customized furniture products, the development and application of basic and functional hardware, and the pan customized home business

Mr.Giovanni Marzo, President of salici Asia Pacific (left), Mr. Lei Huaicheng, general manager of China (middle), and Mr. Chen Jun, managing director of pinchao accompanied Qiao, President of salici Asia Pacific of Italy Mr. Giovanni Marzo and Mr. Lei Huaicheng, general manager of China, made a special trip to pinchao custom furniture smart factory and exclusive stores

pinchao whole house custom furniture has been committed to creating gentle, personalized, elegant and highly functional custom furniture products for urban people who are full of vitality and quality life, and leading a modern, fashionable, healthy and high-quality lifestyle with design. It can be seen that the product trend is particularly "harsh" on the selection of suppliers. As an enterprise that has made important contributions to the development of furniture and hardware in Europe and even the world, Salice, Italy, patented the first modern furniture hinge in the world in the 1950s, 4-5 years ahead of its European counterparts. They keep improving and develop a variety of products with wide influence for the furniture industry. Their design concept and quality are very consistent with the enterprise concept of pinchao and the material procurement demand

the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides has also laid the foundation for more long-term and comprehensive cooperation between the two sides in the future





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