Light luxury makes home more stylish

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Light luxury is an attitude to life, low-key, comfortable but not harmful to nobility and elegance; Pursue appropriate refinement, not extravagant luxury. Pursuing light luxury is a wonderful thing. It can publicize everyone's self, at the same time, restrict ourselves and face life rationally

about light luxury

light luxury, as the name suggests, is "mild luxury". Under the baptism of the increasingly fierce luxury storm, we can easily experience light luxury in it - although the consumption ability is not enough to be compared with the rich who spend a lot of money, the love and loyalty to big brands are no less than the former; Willing to buy small luxuries such as wallets, belts, sunglasses, perfume and so on to decorate your life when your financial ability permits

from the perspective of design, light luxury can coexist with various styles, such as modern light luxury and American light luxury, which is to add a small amount of luxury or luxurious elements to the corresponding style to make the space more temperament

brass and marble are the most popular light luxury elements now. The high-grade texture of brass and the gentle and restrained marble can form a strong artistic tension visually, and easily create a fashionable and exquisite modern home environment

in the use of color, the elegant and atmospheric rice apricot color is the choice of many people. Its color is very soft, which is a bit warmer and noble than white. At the same time, local embellishment with other colors will not affect the space atmosphere, but also play the role of the finishing touch, and the space temperament will be instantly improved

transparent and bright space is the key to light luxury design. Simple space naturally reveals a fashionable and comfortable atmosphere, giving people a sense of security. It also reveals a feeling of leisure and warmth. Furniture and decoration have chosen simple line styles, and the decoration does not need to be too complex, creating a luxurious and low-key atmosphere for the interior, which is unforgettable

in order to highlight personality and beauty, soft decoration collocation needs special attention. Furniture, lamps, indoor soft decoration, including the matched art, is not a single brick or a plate. Comprehensive design can reflect the tone of the whole space

light luxury style pays attention to the simplicity of hard decoration, but it is not as casual as the general simple style. Under the seemingly simple appearance, it often reflects a hidden aristocratic temperament, which is mostly reflected by some exquisite soft clothing elements. On the other hand, it also condenses unexpected functions and technological elements. Some people think that the light luxury style is a new style that pays equal attention to fashion and practicality

every piece of furniture, lamps and displays in the room are connected with each other and integrated rhythmically. There is not too much stacking of materials. Through simple modeling and perfect details, it creates a fashionable and avant-garde feeling

light luxury attaches importance to personality and creativity, that is, it does not advocate the pursuit of high-end luxury, but focuses on the performance of things different from other residences. Elegant and refined, low-key and concise, pursue quality, don't show off, don't be arrogant and extravagant, and only enjoy the original beauty of life

light luxury is not a design style, but an attitude towards life that represents unique taste and style. Light is an elegant attitude, low-key and comfortable, but does not damage nobility and elegance; Extravagance is a kind of state that does not make people feel pressure but pursues quality and exquisite life





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